Before and during water main replacement and road infrastructure work, affected property owners are encouraged to be aware of the following information:

Water Main Replacement

• You will be notified with a red door hanger immediately before work begins and will be connected to a temporary water supply for the duration of the replacement work. If required, property owners will be contacted by the Town of Kindersley to schedule an appointment to have their sewer line inspected. This will ensure there are no blockages that may cause issues after water main replacement is complete.

• Please make sure taps are accessible and functioning so that temporary water service can be connected.

Once temporary water service is connected:

Flush your water taps thoroughly as the temporary line will be heavily chlorinated. The temporary water line is not connected to your water meter so you will not be charged for your water use at this time.

One permanent water service lines are reconnected:

Please follow the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory instructions outlined on the red door hanger you received.

• A green door hanger will be issued once water quality tests have been received confirming that boiling water is no longer necessary.


Kim Vogel
Director of Transportation and Environment


106 5th Avenue, Box 1269
Kindersley, SK S0L 1S0

Phone: (304) 463-2675
Fax: (306) 463-4577


Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter, Asphalt Paving

• Please remove your vehicles from the street and your driveway in order for sidewalk replacement to proceed. Sidewalks will be inaccessible during reconstruction. Vehicles left obstructing Town contractors could be subject to towing. Allow seven (7) days for sidewalks to cure before driving on the curb. Fresh sidewalks can be walked on after 24 hours.

Mark any underground sprinklers on your boulevard or within two (2) metres from the sidewalk.

Move garbage, recycle, and compost carts to the back alley until infrastructure work is complete. There will be periods during street reconstruction when access to driveways will be limited. Back lanes can be used as access during construction.

Read more about the Town of Kindersley’s Asset Management Plan and Road Work Priority Plan.

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