About the Program:

The Memorial Tree Program allows the public to pay tribute to a loved one by donating and dedicating a tree(s) in Kindersley. If you are  seeking a unique way to honor a loved one’s life while also making a positive difference in the world, then a memorial tree may be right for you! What better way to honor a loved one’s life than making a positive difference in our community? The type of tree purchased and planted in this program will be dependent on the location of the planting. All trees part of this program will be three (3) feet in height or taller. The Town of Kindersley will endeavor to ensure the tree is maintained and healthy.

Application Submission:

The Memorial Tree Application form is required for each dedication. To submit a request, please fill out the Memorial Tree Application and submit it to the Town of Kindersley. Applicants can state their order of preference for location of the dedicated tree planting. Please note, we will try our best to plant in the designated location, but tree planting locations can not be guaranteed. Payment of the memorial tree dedication must be submitted at time of application.

Application Confirmation:

Once reviewed and confirmed the Town will notify the applicant and family of the dedicated individual (if family information is supplied on the application). We will provide a photo of the planted tree, a dedication card and GPS coordinates where the planting took place.

Tax Deducible Receipts:

The donation is tax-deductible. Please ensure you request a tax-deductible receipt on the application form if you wish to receive one.

Email this application to office@kindersley.ca or drop it off at the Town of Kindersley Administrative Office.