Summertime Housekeeping Items

Some summertime housekeeping items we’d like you to keep in mind are: -repairing fences that are hazardous -keeping the area clear of debris and waste -removing dilapidated buildings -removing junk vehicles -removing pet waste -taking care of inappropriate water drainage -taking care of inappropriately stored materials -keeping your section of the back alley cleaned up

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Thank You Public Works!

We definitely owe our public works crew a HUGE thank you for keeping the tap water running for residents of Kindersley in such cold temperatures! We are so lucky!   Date Updated: February 7, 2019 - 8:48 AM

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Update on Pool Construction

Exciting News! Posted 2019-02-04 Posted below are the final construction photos of the Kindersley Aquatic Centre! Training is ongoing and our representatives are working hard to ensure we have a facility that is the safest it can be for our residents and guests! Leisure Pool, Tot's Pool, Water Slide View Posted 2019-02-04 The water slide is now fully functioning, as well as bubblers in the leisure pool. Tot's Pool and Toy Posted 2019-02-04 The tot's pool and water toy are fully functioning and ready to enjoy! [...]

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