About 529 Garage

The Town of Kindersley has partnered with the local RCMP and 529 Garage to help curb the bike thefts in the area. While indoors awaiting springtime, try registering your bike on Project 529 Garage.

Project 529 Garage is the world’s largest and fastest growing bike registration program. 2,210,223 bikes are currently registered. Bicycles found or seized outside of the jurisdiction can be looked up and returned to their owners. 529 Garage is committed to owner’s privacy, owners do not need to provide any personally identifiable information. Only a valid email is needed to register.

What is Bike Registration and What Does It Do?

A bike registration records important data that helps identify a bike, if stolen and/or recovered. If a bike is stolen, the cyclist can use the registration to quickly make a report, print posters, and send out notifications to law enforcement and social networks to begin the search for the missing bike. If it is recovered, it may show up on the site to be returned to the owner.

How are Bikes Registered Using the 529 System?

Options for bike registration include:

  • Self-Registration Online
  • Registration at Bike Shops
  • Registration Via the 529 Garage App

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