Our friends at the Kindersley All-Wheel Park & Recreation Area committee received the results of the survey they asked you to fill out a few weeks ago!

We appreciate your time & feedback in this great community minded project!

Over 140 people filled out the online survey, as well as feedback from hundreds of people directly to Tyrone and others throughout the summer and weekly events with the kids at the outdoor skatepark this past summer! The turnout was awesome, as well over 150 kids attended throughout the summer and we look forward to completing a near final design & presenting it to the community in the new year to begin fundraising!

The park will be located next to the dog park along Ditson Drive in a nice open area for kids to come and go to play & learn! A permanent low maintenance concrete facility will be great for the youth of the community and will cater to everything including bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, wheelchairs and more! Ranging from beginner in order to learn and scaling up so people can progress, this aims to be a fun community space we can all begin to gather and host events at throughout the good weather months! We’ve even worked in some features kids could use in the winter as well to help entertain themselves. We also plan to bring in lights to brighten up both the skatepark & dog park for everyone! Trees have been planted along the golf course and will eventually grow in to help divide the spaces!

Our goal depending on final design will range around the $1million mark which is a small price to pay for 50 years of low maintenance fun for the community! Thanks to a generous donation of $75,000 by Pat & Deb Holland & Family, we were able to kick off the design process ahead of this fundraising round so we could truly show the town the full potential of what is being built! The Town of Kindersley also made a generous donation to the initial design process & TKB Oilfield has committed $30,000 to the project, putting us over 10% of our goal. Fundraising will begin in the new year with In-Kind donations needed and then a sponsorship package will be made up and distributed to businesses around the community! Thanks so much  to everyone for their support, together we can make a difference in the quality of lives of many!

Anyone looking to make a donation can do so at the Town office directly made out to the town in lieu of the skatepark! A receipt for donation can be issued!

We appreciate your support & look forward to doing greats for the community in the years to come!


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Below, you can see our donation counter! The goal is to get to $1,000,000! If you’d like to donate, head down to the Town of Kindersley Administration Office!

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