Residential Lot For Sale

Looking for a place to call home? Interested in building? We have a residential lot for sale, great location, not too far from shopping on Main Street, schools, and our Aquatic Centre & Events Centre! Give us a shout if you're interested: 306.463.2675

Public Works Appreciation

Today the Mayor and Council flipped some burgers in appreciation of our Public Works team. How about a huge rave for Public Works? They are the folks that us residents end up seeing when we're at our worst, water leaks, sewer backups, sometimes we're maybe a little cranky about the situation, and they show up to get the job done every time! They are on call outs on chilly nights and out in the hot sun on those long +40 summer days. They are imperative to our town running smoothly and some of your basic needs - water/sewer being met! In [...]


WHY AREN'T YOU PAINTING THE LINES!?!? We promise we are... due to the incredibly slow supply chains these days, as you probably know, it's been difficult to get ahold of certain products... unfortunately that includes line paint. We will do our best to get them painted as soon as we have all of our materials to do so! In the mean time, please try to give us a little bit of patience, we are all trying our best to make things work as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Travelling Gnome Yard Appreciation

Has spring finally sprung? This rain today is certainly better than the snow that was originally on the forecast! We are getting so excited to start the "Yard of the Week" program again, however, this year instead of going by week, we will be bringing our little Gnome friend around every few days to a new yard that we appreciate! You cannot keep the Gnome - he has places to go, but if you see him on your yard, you know you're doing a great job keeping your yard neat and tidy! We encourage you to brag a little on [...]

Why is it Important to Bring Your Progress Card to Your First Day of Swimming Lessons?

When instructors and the facility ask for your child’s progress card its very important for your current instructor to have time to read the comments throughout the Progress Card so they can make the most productive lesson plan for all the children’s needs and abilities. Each item in the Red Cross program needs to be successfully completed a minimum of three times based off the Performance Criteria that Red Cross sets out in their Instructor Worksheet. If a Progress Card isn’t provided it is up to the facility along with the instructor to evaluate the candidate based off their swimming [...]

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