The Animal Control Department is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through education.

All pet owners within the Town of Kindersley are required to obtain an animal license.

Current Annual Pet Licence Fees:

Micro-chipped Dog/Cat (Neutered) $  5
Dog/Cat (Neutered) $ 15
Micro-chipped Dog/Cat (Intact/Not neutered) $ 15
Dog/Cat (Intact/Not neutered) $ 20
Replacement tag $  5

Reporting an Animal

To report a stray or injured animal, or to inquire about missing pets, please contact 306-463-2675.

You can also check our Animal Lost and Found Page or our Facebook Page to see if your pet, or one you know is waiting for someone to pick them up!

You will also see the most recent animals up for adoption. Interested? Fill out a form below and send it to

Adopting An Animal

Adopting an animal is a big responsibility. If you found one you like on our socials, and you are ready to take the next step to adoption, feel free to give us a shout at 306-463-2675. You will be required to fill out an Adoption Application. If you wish, you can fill it out online below:

Adoption Application Form

Procedure: An adoption application must be completed, adoption contract signed, donation accepted, and then you can take your new friend home.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Name of Animal(s) Applying For
Applicant's Name(Required)
Are you prepared to give this animal the best home and care possible, including spay/neutering, vaccinations and any other veternairy care required?(Required)
Are you willing to take the time to housebreak an animal, and do you understand that changing an animal's environment may cause it to have accidents?(Required)
Does any member of the family have any allergies to animals?(Required)
Are there any children in the household?(Required)
What type of home do you live in?(Required)
Do you own or rent your residence?(Required)
If you rent: Landlord's name
Are you familiar with your local animal control laws?(Required)
For whom are you adopting the animal?(Required)
Current or previous animals in your care. If you have more animals than space provided, please use the comment box below.
Is the pet spayed or neutered?
Is the pet up to date on all vaccinations?
Current or previous animals in your care. If you have more animals than space provided, please use the comment box below.
Is the pet spayed or neutered?
Is the pet up to date on all vaccinations?
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Animal Traps

If you have your own animal trap, know the rules and your obligations before use.


1) Property Owners may use their own trap to trap any Nuisance Animals or Dangerous Animals on their own property at their own risk, and report them to the Municipal Enforcement Officer for removal. At the request of the property Owner, the Municipal Enforcement Officer may trap and remove a Nuisance Animal or a Dangerous Animal from their property.

2) Any Animal traps used to facilitate the removal of Nuisance Animals from private property must be live—capture traps and the person setting the trap assumes full responsibility for the well-being of any Animals trapped therein.

3) The Municipal Enforcement Officer shall be notified of a trapped Animal and the location of the trap immediately for the removal of the Animal from the property.

4) The trap shall be placed in such an area that shall not allow the Animal to be exposed to any harmful elements (i.e. direct sun, harsh wind or rain, and any other harmful elements).

5) Traps shall be checked at least every:

  1. a) four (4) hours when the temperature is between 6 and 30 degrees C;
  2. b) two (2) hours when the temperature is between -9 and 5 degrees C.

6) No trap is to be left operational when the temperature is above 31 degrees C or below -10 degrees C.

Getting Involved

Kindersley Animal Control Pound often receives inquiries from residents and businesses who wish to donate food, litter, and other supplies needed to make the shelter comfortable and safe for the animals. All donations are gratefully accepted. Tax deductible receipts can be issued by the Town of Kindersley for most donations. When donating money, please specify if you wish the donation to be toward a particular need.

The Animal Control Pound has a number of capital projects that are required to improve the facility and its operations. These projects will be carried out as our budget allows. They include privacy fencing, covered dog runs, and improvements to the shelter’s ventilation. If you wish to make contributions toward these projects, please contact the Kindersley Town Office at 306-463-2675.

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