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Museum Day Camp #2

We had so much fun with group #2! We'd like to thank Mayor Perkins for coming and sharing a little bit about his duties and the duties of Council and Town of Kindersley employees. We'd also like to thank him for joining us in making sundaes!

In Search of Rocks – Motherwell Reservoir Expansion Project

We are in search of some more rocks for the Motherwell Reservoir expansion project. We are currently on the lookout for: 4" to 8" rocks for erosion control, and larger rocks for vehicle barriers. If you or someone you know would like to donate some of your extra rocks, please stop by the administration office, give us a shout at 306-463-2675, or email

Goose Festival – Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are necessary to make sure big events like this are successful! If you’re interested in helping out, contact the Kindersley Chamber by email at: or the Town of Kindersley by email at:

The Start of a New Era!

The start to a new era here in Kindersley. Please remember this is a construction zone, stay away from the fences, machinery, and the crew. Be aware that equipment may be moving in and around the site. This area is very dangerous!

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