Recreation and Culture

Senses Unleashed Dog Park Gets an Upgrade!

Some exciting new additions to our Senses Unleashed Dog Park! We now have some agility training equipment! Please treat our new builds with respect and take turns! Friendly reminder to pick up after your pets while in the dog park and walking around town!

Accessing Businesses on 11th Avenue East

Just a reminder to those looking to get to businesses on 11th Avenue East (ESSO/Coliseum/Ford, Tim Hortons, Guys Furniture, and Kindersley Glass), you need to access them from 10th Avenue East while we finish our road construction project. We are hoping that 11th Avenue East will be fully paved by Tuesday, however, weather and other occurrences that are out of our control can slow this process. Thanks for all your patience, we will get the flow of traffic back to normal as soon as we can!

Swimming in the Motherwell Reservoir Beach Area

Although the water at the Motherwell Beach IS safe for swimming, a friendly reminder that as with any other lake in Saskatchewan, you can develop skin irritations if you do not shower promptly after your swim. It is recommended that you: rinse off promptly (we have indoor and an outdoor shower available for your convenience) and towel dry after. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather!

Motherwell Reservoir Water Treatment

We have completed the south side of the Motherwell Reservoir water treatment. This afternoon we will complete the beach area and the north side. The product we use IS safe for aquatic species, land species, as well as us humans. The water treatment aids in slowing algae growth with the presence of the hot summer sun!

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