The Motherwell Reservoir is Getting an Update!

THE MOTHERWELL RESERVOIR IS GETTING AN UPDATE! This project will provide an outdoor recreational upgrade to the Motherwell Reservoir. This recreational upgrade is intended to provide a space for our community and visitors to enjoy in the great outdoors. The area will be a great place for all ages to have the opportunity to experience a no cost recreational activity. It will be perfect for picnics, activities for children such as sand castle building and will also provide water access for non-powered water sports such as paddle boating, paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking, etc. We are working towards providing better water [...]

Motherwell Reservoir Trail Detour

If you are heading out to the Motherwell Reservoir, please be advised that a portion of our trail will be closed for recreation upgrades. Please watch for equipment, workers, and barricades. Please follow the detour as posted. Enjoy the spring weather this weekend!

Let’s Talk CATS!

Let's talk CATS! Specifically FERAL CATS. While some people may think they are doing a good deed by providing feral cats with food, in reality, feral cats would hunt and feed themselves. By providing food for them you are making them dependent on you and jeopardizing their existence. I know you feel sorry for them but left to their own devices it is survival of the fittest for the wild cat community just like any other wild animal community. You are definitely putting them in danger within the town limits. We are heading into mating season. Cats are fighting and spraying [...]

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