As per Management of Water and Sewer Bylaw 14-19 Sec. 7.9:

The Town will provide one (1) sewer auger per calendar year as preventative maintenance for premises located in the areas as shown on Schedule “F”. These areas may be prone to excessive tree roots entering the sewer service line due to boulevard trees and sewer line material type.

  • In instances where properties located on Schedule “F” are actively backing up, the Town will count as the one (1) allowable service per year.
  • In instances where the Town cannot dispatch within one (1) day, the owner may hire a contractor to complete the sewer auger, a sample of the roots or a video clearly depicting roots, will be required before compensation is awarded to the owner. The owner must then submit their receipt for the work completed.
  • The Town will not compensate contractors directly.
  • Owners must contact the Town prior to hiring a contractor to complete the work. No compensation will be given if prior authorization is not granted.
  • If the property requires a sewer auger more than once per calendar year, it is the responsibility of the owner to complete the work and cover any costs associated.
  • The Town may provide sewer auger services to properties not located on Schedule “F” at the custom work rate set out in Schedule “A”.
  • The owner or occupant is responsible to protect any floor coverings or other personal property as deemed necessary.

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