Photos of Illegal Dumper – 12:33pm TODAY (October 19, 2021) – CASE CLOSED

***CASE CLOSED***   We were pretty disturbed to find a refrigerator added to the pile of junk that was illegally dumped AFTER we posted about it yesterday. At 12:33pm TODAY, someone decided it was a good idea to drop their garbage off. If you didn't believe us, here's proof we have cameras and we will find you and fine you. If anyone has any idea who this might be, give us a call at the office 3064632675, we'd love to fine them and make sure your dollars aren't spent cleaning up after illegal dumpers. Anonymous tips welcome.

…A (not so) Gentle Reminder…

...A (not so) Gentle Reminder... The Kindersley Landfill is CLOSED. This means closed for dumping your couches, chairs, children's clothes, and all other junk items. Did you know there are cameras installed? Did you know these actions are considered trespassing? Did you know dumping trash items ANYWHERE besides a designated landfill (example: WRLI Landfill) or dumping area is ILLEGAL? (Illegal Dumping - check out our Bylaws - We won't hesitate to fine anyone dumping items in the old landfill site and anywhere else aside from their own personal dumpster or a designated dumping site (example: WRLI Landfill). We invite you [...]

Council Highlights – August 9, 2021 Regular Meeting

Town Council held a Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, August 9, 2021. The following agenda items were resolved. 7.1: The Council of the Town of Kindersley approved the Application (DU#21-09) for a Discretionary Use at the residence of 400 4th Avenue West on the condition that it complies with the Development Standards of Discretionary Use pursuant to Section 4.11.3 (1) to (9), of Zoning Bylaw 04-14. The Application was approved on the condition that the Applicant obtains a Business License from the Town prior to operation; and every year of operation; and that if any of the conditions outlined above [...]

Water Tastes/Smells/Looks Different

We are currently pulling water from the CN Reservoir instead of the river. Water may be discolored or smell "earthy". The water is safe for drinking/use. Flush your taps and the color should return to normal.

SaskEnergy Tune-Up Assistance Program

It may be summer outside, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your annual furnace maintenance service. The SaskEnergy Tune-Up Assistance Program provides income qualified homeowners with a FREE furnace maintenance service, carbon monoxide alarm and two furnace filters – a total value worth up to $300! Find out if you are eligible to apply by visiting

SaskEnergy – Tune-Up Assistance Program

Did you know that annual furnace maintenance can help keep your furnace running safely and at peak efficiency? The SaskEnergy Tune-Up Assistance Program helps income qualified homeowners receive a FREE furnace maintenance service, carbon monoxide alarm and two furnace filters. Find out if you are eligible to apply by visiting Applications will be open until October 1, 2021.

Residential Lots for Sale – July 28, 2021

The Town of Kindersley has six (6) R2- Medium Density Residential Lots for sale. Lots can be purchased in person beginning July 28, 2021, at 8:30 am. Realtor will be present. Civic Addresses #112, #116, #118 - 5th Avenue East & #111, #115, #119 – 6th Avenue East. Only single detached dwellings will be allowed in this development. Modular homes are not permitted. Development and Building Permits must be obtained within 12 months of date of Sale Agreement. Multiple lot purchases restricted at this time. Lot Price: $100,000.00 Lot Information and Build Requirements are available at the Town Administration Office: Town [...]

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