❗EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – Back Lane / Alley Road Closures❗
During the spring thaw, this restriction protects the surface and ground beneath these roadways, which are softer and unable to handle more weight until conditions are dryer. Back lanes / alleys are not all-season access and closure is now in place to help protect these roads. Spring road restrictions are dependent on weather. The 2024 spring restrictions began effective April 2, 2024 and are in effect until further notice.
Restrictions may change with 48-hours-notice. If a prolonged weather cold period occurs, the closure restriction may be removed until weather conditions warrant it.
For those with rear access for accessory structures (garages etc.) ALL Town of Kindersley development & building permits were approved with the condition that back lanes / alleys are not all – season access. Please ensure adherence to this closure notice as we wait for the roadways to dry up, once dry they will be better suited for vehicle travel.
Please check our website at www.kindersley.ca for further updates.