With warmer temperatures comes spring thaw. Water will start to accumulate in our streets, back lanes, and ditches.
When that happens, our public works crew begins addressing these drainage issues by steaming catch-basins, main storm drains, and culverts throughout Kindersley.
The hot steam melts the ice that is blocking the water from flowing. This is one reason that during the winter months we ask property owners not to pile snow in drainage ditches or on top of culvert openings as it causes huge drainage issues during spring thaw.
Some catch-basins or culverts can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to thaw. We also experience these refreezing during the freeze thaw cycle that happens with changes in temperatures. For example, the crews can thaw a catch-basin during the day and by nightfall it can freeze over again.
If you have a concern about drainage that is out of the ordinary, please contact the Administration Office. Otherwise, please try to be patient with us. Our public works crews will try to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible in all areas of town.