Let’s talk CATS! Specifically FERAL CATS. While some people may think they are doing a good deed by providing feral cats with food, in reality, feral cats would hunt and feed themselves. By providing food for them you are making them dependent on you and jeopardizing their existence. I know you feel sorry for them but left to their own devices it is survival of the fittest for the wild cat community just like any other wild animal community.
You are definitely putting them in danger within the town limits. We are heading into mating season. Cats are fighting and spraying right now. Your feral cats are making your neighbors crazy and your neighbors are calling to trap these animals. If these animals are trapped and they are deemed wild they WILL BE DISPOSED OF VIA EUTHANASIA!
These wild cats are a safety issue for humans. They carry bacteria and disease which can be very dangerous to humans if we are bit or scratched.
Does this mean we will be putting down all cats we trap? Heavens no, but, if it’s an adult cat, no collar or license and is not even approachable it will be put down.
If you are/have been feeding wild cats, they are now your cats and you are responsible for them. So, if you have a garage full of cats you can’t pet or snuggle with, you need to take action and find a farm placement. It is hard enough to rehome a friendly cat/kitten. Adult wild cats are not first on the adoption wish list.
Each home in Kindersley is allowed 5 pets over the age of 6 months. Responsible pet owners will spay/neuter their pets and have them licensed.
These pets must not cause damage to another’s property, defecate, urinate, or spray on private property, except with respect to the private property of the animal’s owner.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.