Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, May 11, 2020. The following resolutions were made regarding the Town of Kindersley Operating and Capital Budget for the Year 2020, the Municipal Property Tax Mill Rate, and the Community Grant Program. Any documents mentioned here can be viewed at

The Town of Kindersley Operating and Capital Budget for the Year of 2020 was approved, which resulted in a 10% property tax reduction. The decision was made by Council after an in depth review and in response to the current economic climate in our community. The 2020 Municipal Property Tax Mill Rate was set at 8.75 mills with the approval of resolution 105-20.

Council resolved to direct Administration to distribute approved funding to the following applicants to the Community Grant Program, 2020 Spring intake: 1. West Central Abilities $750.00, 2. Kindersley & District Library $750.00, 3. KCS SLC $373.08, 4. Kindersley Antique Threshing Club $750.00, for a total allocation amount of $2623.08. Please note that any group that did not receive the grant is due to the event being canceled due to the current COVID-19 situation. Unused funds from this intake have been allocated to the fall intake.

A Municipal Agreement was entered into with The Rural Municipality of Kindersley No. 290, and The Rural Municipality of Newcombe No. 260 for the purpose of further developing and operating the Kindersley Regional Park.

A Non-Exclusive Occupancy License Agreement was entered into with the K-Town Skyscrapers RC Club for the purpose of the continued operation of a remote controlled airplane club on town-owned land.

The accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley were accepted in the amount of $327,253.52.

All three readings of Bylaw 03-20 Being a Bylaw to Establish Mill Rate Factors and Bylaw 04-20 Being a Bylaw to Provide for Minimum Amounts of Tax were approved in conjunction with the 2020 budget deliberations.

May 17-23, 2020 was proclaimed as National Public Works Week. Council thanks these professionals for all that they do to ensure public health, high quality of life, and well-being of the residents in Kindersley. Council encourages residents to join in any ONLINE activities, events, and ceremonies designed to pay tribute to our public works professionals, engineers, managers, and employees. Council thanked the Town Public Works staff for the good job they do.

Council approved the Consent Agenda including the following items: Correspondence for Acceptance and Filing (Saskatchewan Housing Corporation – Annual Report for 2019, Sask Water – Operational Report for April 2020, Kindersley RCMP – Statistic Report for April 2020, and Ministry of Government Relations – Confirmed Education Property Tax Mill Rates for 2020).