Town Council held a Regular Meeting on Monday, January 24, 2022. The following agenda items were resolved.

7.2: The Council of the Town of Kindersley resolved that in relation to the application to Subdivide Land R1020-21S for a proposed residential and commercial subdivision located in the RM of Kindersley at NW-12-29-23-W3M, and the Community Planning District of the Government of Saskatchewan’s request that the Council of the Town of Kindersley comment on that application. The Council is not aware of any land or site conditions that would be incompatible with the intended use of the proposed application. The Council does not have any facilities affected by the proposed development.

8.1: Council resolved to accept as submitted the list of accounts as paid the Town of Kindersley and in the amount of $441,210.90.

9.1: The Deputy Mayor Randy Ervine proclaimed every Tuesday in 2022 as Better Together Tuesdays in the Town of Kindersley. The Council encourages everyone to learn more about how great things happen when citizens come together; the importance of getting to know your neighbors, and how key intergenerational relationships are. Let’s support our local teens, championing “WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER”.

10.1: Town Council resolved to approve the Consent Agenda which includes the following items for acceptance and filing:

  1. SSRWSI Information
  2. SSRWSI Board Meeting Minutes November 2, 2021 & January 18, 2022
  3. SSRWSI Executive Committee Minutes January 6, 2022
  4. SSRWSI 2021 Financial Statements
  5. SaskWater Monthly Report – December 2021
  6. Better Together Letter to Council
  7. Traffic Safety Grant Announcement
  8. SGI Media Backgrounder for Community Photo Speed Enforcement Grant