On Monday, February 12, 2024, Town Council held their Regular Meeting.

6.1: Council approved as presented the Minutes from the January 22, 2024 Regular Meeting.

7.1: The Council of the Town of Kindersley resolved to direct the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to enter into an Agreement with Saskatchewan Telecommunications for a Utility Easement.

8.1: Council resolved to accept as submitted the list of accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley in the amount of $381,797.62.

9.1: Town Council resolved to approve the Consent Agenda which includes the following items for acceptance and filing:

  1. Kindersley Chamber Meeting Minutes – January 18, 2024
  2. Downtown Kindersley Association Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2024
  3. WRLI Meeting Minutes – December 20, 2023
  4. Subdivision Approval 001858-2023