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Regular Street Sweeping Schedule 2023

Thanks to those who inquired about our street sweeping schedule, we know everyone is anxious to see the gravel and dust from our icy winter cleaned up. We realize our website mentioned May 1st, however, we have had quite a few spring projects on the go that impacted the original start date of the regular street sweeping schedule. We will be starting to follow this schedule regularly as of May 15, 2023. More information regarding street sweeping as well as a downloadable copy of this schedule can be found here: https://www.kindersley.ca/services/street-cleaning/ If you wish to receive alerts directly to your phone [...]

Reminder to Update Your Information on Our Website

Reminder to Organizations, Businesses, and Residents on Website Updates: We want to remind you that we simply cannot keep track of ALL the groups/boards/organizations/etc. that have information for on our website and we rely on YOU to send us that information. Feel free add information in the comments of this post, send us a message, or email communications@kindersley.ca if you see something that needs updating. We are not on all corners of the website at all times, so we rely on our users to give us a hand with this. Thank you for your patience!

Compost Schedule 2023

For those who use the Loraas Compost Curbside Pickup Bins, here is the 2023 schedule, it will also be available for download on our website. As far as we know, it is the exact same as last year! Thanks for taking care of your yard waste. For those who do not use the Loraas Compost Curbside Pickup Bins, compost can be dropped off at the compost pile at the old Kindersley landfill on Highway 21. If you would like a Compost Bin, please contact Loraas at (306) 463-2008 View PDF Version

Emergency Preparedness Week 2023

Mayor Rod Perkins proclaimed the week of May 7 to May 13, 2023 to be Emergency Preparedness Week in the Town of Kindersley. The Council encourages all residents to participate in educating themselves on emergency preparedness by downloading early warning apps, preparing to shelter in place, and remaining aware of developing situations in the community. View PDF Version

Did You Know Those Garbage Bags Full of Grass and Leaves You Have Laying Around Can Self Combust?

FACT: Did you know those garbage bags full of grass and leaves you have laying around can self combust? Grass clippings and yard waste produce heat. This happens as a result of microscopic bacteria and fungi feeding on moist grass clippings. Freshly cut grass spread over a lawn starts to rot, but you can't feel the heat that it generates until you rake the grass into a pile. The bigger the pile, the more heat is trapped and the hotter the pile temperature. Therefore, when grass clippings are bagged, you have a large amount of clippings in a bag that is [...]

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