Motherwell Reservoir Recreation (Beach) Area

This project will provide an outdoor recreational upgrade to the Motherwell Reservoir. This recreational upgrade is intended to provide a space for our community and visitors to enjoy in the great outdoors. The area will be a great place for all ages to have the opportunity to experience a no cost recreational activity. It will be perfect for picnics, activities for children such as sand castle building and will also provide water access for non-powered water sports such as paddle boating, paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking, etc.
We are working towards providing better water quality and working to ensure the aquatic habitat is well taken care of. This includes different species of fish and aquatic plants.
Permits for this project have already been obtained from the Water Security Agency (WSA) Aquatic Habitat Protection and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The project is highly regulated and ensures that the upgrades taken will protect and provide a better environment for our natural body of water and all aquatic species.
Many families do not have the opportunity to leave Kindersley and travel to outdoor recreation areas and this will provide them that opportunity right here at home. Once complete, it will provide a beautiful setting for outdoor lunches and also add to our scenic walking trail.
We can’t wait for you to see it up close, however, we do advise you to stay on the walking path and away from the construction area, as we aren’t quite finished yet and there are still hazards.
The Motherwell Beach & Recreation Area will be home to:
– picnicking areas & a gazebo
– a showerhouse with year round access
– water access to launch non-motorized watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards
– beach volleyball court
– sand for sandcastle building and lounging
– improvement of water quality for swimming (while continuing to protect aquatic species)
Please note:
– This area will be a NO FISHING zone, please keep the fishing near the dock on the other side (we know you’ll clean up after yourselves, but we don’t want to risk fish hooks in the sand our kids are playing in)
– Pets will NOT be allowed on the beach area, but are welcome (leashed) on the walking trail around the reservoir. Pets can swim anywhere aside from the sand (beach) area.

Drawings & Plans

In the revised drawings the location has been moved slightly to keep the project away from a high-pressure gas line. Since the new location has less of an incline, there will not be a set of stairs (only a ramp) and the retaining wall will not be as high.

Original Drawing

Revised Drawing

Construction Progress

The Motherwell Recreational Area is coming along! We can’t wait for warmer weather! ☀️