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Request for Quotation for Heavy Equipment Hourly Rates for Operations, Maintenance and Emergency Services

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) for “Heavy Equipment Hourly Rates for Operations, Maintenance and Emergency Services” has been issued in order for the Town to solicit rental rates to select a list of qualified and experienced contractors to provide for the use of Heavy Equipment on an hourly rental basis for general operations, maintenance and/or emergency services.  This will aid in supporting our Public Works Department.  The services requested may include, but not limited to the following: snow removal, grading (all seasons), gravel hauling, loader work and excavations. The RFQ is available publicly through SaskTenders, on our website and can also [...]

Accepting Bids for the Leasing of a Town of Kindersley Facility

The Town of Kindersley is accepting bids for the lease of a Town of Kindersley facility building located off Highway 21 and 7th Street West in Kindersley, SK.  The lease of this space includes the baling facility, baling equipment and baling site including the use of the landfill scale.  The building is approximately 8933 square feet. The Baling Equipment shall be used only for the purposes of baling non-hazardous type materials, including recyclable materials, and is not intended to be used for the disposal of any Hazardous Materials or any waste which requires special handling and/or requires extraordinary disposal procedures, including [...]

Request for Waste & Recycle Collection Services

The Town of Kindersley is requesting Proposals for waste & recycle collection services for a three (3) year term beginning April 1, 2021. Proposals are requested for both curbside collection of solid waste & recyclables and may include seasonal compost collection. The ideal Proponent will provide an itemized Proposal for waste, recycle and compost collections as described in this RFP that consolidates services into one contract; although waste, recycle and compost collections may be awarded separately. In addition to the collection services; reporting services are also required for tonnage quantities for both waste, recycle and compost material. In addition to the [...]

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