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West Industrial Drainage and Roadways

The Work generally comprises: • Roadway and Ditch Improvements • Culvert Removals • Culvert Installation and Approach Construction • Phase 1 completion September 2020 • Phase 2 completion September 2021   If you are interested in this tender, please see: West Industrial Tender Document West Industrial Drainage-Tender Drawings

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Properties for Sale

The Town of Kindersley has the following lots for sale. For inquiries, contact the Administration Office: 306-463-2675 Zone Civic Address C3 405 - 13th Avenue East C3 407 - 13th Avenue East C3 601 - 14th Avenue East R2 211 - 3rd Avenue West R2 112 - 5th Avenue East C1 404  Main Street C1 406 Main Street R3 100 Thomson Drive R3 200 Thomson Drive   Town of Kindersley • 106 5th Avenue East • Kindersley, SK Phone: 306-463-2675 • Fax: 306-463-4577

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