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Cat Found on 2nd Avenue West – OWNER FOUND

 ***UPDATE*** Garry's owner has contacted us and he will be home tonight! Found on 2nd Ave W!! This young man was covered in oil and lost! He is super friendly and litter trained!! Call the Town Office if he’s yours! He wants to go home!

Kitty Found – ADOPTED

This young man has been at the pound for a while now. He has had a home to go to for some time but has been difficult to pry out of the cat tree he has adopted. He has been somewhat antisocial. Today is the big day for him!! I managed to get him to the vet in preparation for his new home and tonight he will be the King of his new domain. His name is now Fred!


***Update*** The owner has contacted us! He’s going home!! Found!!! HWY 7 near Flatlanders Speedway. Very friendly, very hungry, very calm! Call the Town Office if you’re missing this precious dog. 306-463-2675

Cat Found on Rutley

***update*** This little guy was found under a truck on Rutley Crescent this weekend. He has a broken pelvis and his bladder and bowels are not expelling. We are hoping a few days of care will get his body to do things naturally! Please keep your pets safe. He is the sweetest kitten even though he is hurting. Found on Rutley. May be injured. Are you missing this cat? Somebody must be missing this little angel!?!

Kitty Found Hitching a Ride – OWNER FOUND

***UPDATE*** This kitty has found his home! Happy ending for this little beauty! This kitty was found hitching a ride under the hood of a truck for a few days. The truck was parked on the 200 Block of 7th Avenue West. Kitty is very skinny, but extremely friendly. Not afraid of people so might be someone's pet. Do you know this kitty?

Find a Home For Bert – ADOPTED

This young man, Bert, is now in our care. He was out in the cold and by the looks of him had to fight for his rights at some point. He is SUPER friendly and a serious cuddle bug! We had him to the vet today the think maybe 1-2 yrs old?? He is an intact male. He is pretty skinny and may have been on his own for a while but he was definitely a house cat during one of his nine lives.

Have You Seen this Cat?

This little dude has wandered away from home. He is missing from the 200 block of 1st Ave E. We need to get him back home! He is too little to be out in the cold and his people are really missing him and worried. Please share this post!

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