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2 Kittens Available For Adoption – ADOPTED

Only two little men remain!! Both long hair! Boris (black) is getting more used to me every day and will now climb up on my lap. Brutus (grey) has thumbs and huge forearms! He was the first long hair to be friendly! He loves a good rub right in front of his tail and likes it when you tease him by touching his front paws! Both are ready to make you smile!

Kittens for Adoption – ADOPTED

These adorable little ones had their first visit to the Vet yesterday and are ready for new homes!! There are six kittens available....4 boys and 2 girls! There are three polydactyl kittens which means they have thumbs!! Kittens with mittens!! Fill out the adoption form at the link below if you are interested!!

Kittens For Adoption – ADOPTED

Look at these fuzzy little nuggets! We have a litter of 5 that will be looking for homes! Three black and two grey…..better pictures to come when they are ready to be adopted!

Kitty For Adoption – ADOPTED

***UPDATE he has been adopted!*** We received a message about a male cat who wanted into an office in the industrial area and wanted food, they have posted to other pages to see if he belongs to anyone or if anyone wants to adopt him. They have kindly taken him in until a solution is found for him as nights are getting chilly. Does anyone know who this kitty is or know anyone who would be interested in giving him a forever home? It sounds like he does not mind other cats and is a calm presence. Likes to play with [...]

Kitty For Adoption – Shy – ADOPTED

*****UPDATE**** Shy has found her fur-ever home!! This is Shy. She was just spayed a short while ago. She is very shy but friendly. She would do best in a quiet, in town, indoor situation. If you are interested, please let us know!

Female Kitty For Adoption – ADOPTED

***UPDATE she has been adopted!*** This sweet kitty is up for adoption! She does not love other cats but is generally friendly with humans! A quiet in town indoor situation would be best for her! She does sometimes have a bit of a temper and can get moody unprovoked. She likes to have her space at times. Let us know if you’re interested!

Kitty Up For Adoption – Odin – ADOPTED

***Happy ending! Odin has been adopted!*** This is Odin. He is the last remaining baby of Mama Medusa to be adopted. He is friendly and would do best in an in town indoor situation. Please contact us if you wish to adopt him.

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