Animal Lost and Found

Missing Kitty

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS KITTY? Olly, who is very friendly, has gone missing from Prairie Winds Estates. If you see him roaming, please contact his owner at (306) 430-8060.

Kitty Looking for a New Home

ANIMAL POUND UPDATE: This bright eyed beauty is looking for a new home! We believe it’s a girl but we’ve been wrong before! She has her first set of vaccines, ear mite treatment, and has been dewormed. She’s ready for the loving home she deserves! She’s purrfect!

Kitten Found

I know it’s hard to see this black beauty but if it looks like one you’re missing please give the Town Office a call. I’m guessing 6-8 weeks old.

Missing Your Kitty or Looking For a New Companion?

***UPDATE*** This bright eyed beauty is still waiting for someone to claim or offer a new home! It’s super friendly and would be a great house cat! Somebody found themselves in a bit of a predicament this morning and isn’t very happy about it. Are you missing this little one? Call the Town of Kindersley 306-463-2675

Lost Cat

***UPDATE***The cat came back! After a couple weeks of worrying his owners, this guy wandered home and is happy to be there. Have you seen this guy? He has wandered away from his home! He usually comes home at night but hasn’t in a couple days! He lives in the area of Jorann Safety and the Town Shop.

Dog Found Roaming the Streets

***UPDATE*** This energetic guy has been claimed and is happy to be back with his people today! Thank you to everyone who shares these posts and tags people in order to get these escapees reunited! Found!! Intact male roaming the streets! If you’re missing your dog please contact the Town of Kindersley 306-463-2675  

Lost Puppy Update

***UPDATE*** This sweet girl has been placed in a loving foster home and we are hoping for a “foster fail” so she will remain there and get all the spoils she deserves!

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