Has spring finally sprung? This rain today is certainly better than the snow that was originally on the forecast! We are getting so excited to start the “Yard of the Week” program again, however, this year instead of going by week, we will be bringing our little Gnome friend around every few days to a new yard that we appreciate! You cannot keep the Gnome – he has places to go, but if you see him on your yard, you know you’re doing a great job keeping your yard neat and tidy! We encourage you to brag a little on social media, tell your friends, get excited! We will also brag about your lovely yard on our social media… our residents are AWESOME! We haven’t completely settled on a name for our little pal here, but when we do, you’ll be the first to know about it! You can start keeping your eyes peeled for our travelling no name Gnome in the next couple weeks! This also serves as your official head start in the game to begin yard clean-up… shhhhhh don’t tell the neighbors!