Exciting News!

Posted 2019-02-04

Posted below are the final construction photos of the Kindersley Aquatic Centre! Training is ongoing and our representatives are working hard to ensure we have a facility that is the safest it can be for our residents and guests!

Leisure Pool, Tot’s Pool, Water Slide View

Posted 2019-02-04

The water slide is now fully functioning, as well as bubblers in the leisure pool.

Tot’s Pool and Toy

Posted 2019-02-04

The tot’s pool and water toy are fully functioning and ready to enjoy!

Bucket Toy

Posted 2019-02-04

The bucket toy is now fully functioning.

Lazy River

Posted 2019-02-04

Hot Tub

Posted 2019-02-04

Junior Olympic Lane Pool

Posted 2019-02-04

Diving boards and starting blocks have been installed. Lift station has also been installed and is functional.

Pools are Being Filled

Posted 2018-12-12

Panoramic Photo of Junior Olympic Lane Pool

Posted 2018-12-04

Junior Olympic Lane Pool and Side of Water Slide

Posted 2018-12-04

Diving Boards

Posted 2018-12-04

The diving boards in the Junior Olympic Lane Pool have been installed!

Starting Block

Posted 2018-12-04

Water Slide

Posted 2018-11-21

Views of Jr. Olympic Lane Pool

Posted 2018-11-21

Leisure Pool

Posted 2018-11-21

The leisure pool has water features installed.

Hot Tub Progressing

Posted 2018-10-24

The 20 person hot tub is progressing quickly.

Looking Up

Posted 2018-10-24

A look at the ceiling, ventilation, and lighting.

Lazy River

Posted 2018-10-24

Change Room

Posted 2018-10-24

The inside of the change rooms are coming along.

Water Slide

Posted 2018-10-24

The water slide is almost finished.

Junior Olympic Lane Pool

Posted 2018-10-24

The junior Olympic lane pool has been lined and lanes have been marked.

Front Office Area

Posted 2018-09-07

The party rooms, women’s change room, main office, family change room, and men’s change room walls have been added.

Kiddy Pool is Almost Finished

Posted 2018-09-07

Lazy River is Coming Along

Posted 2018-09-07

Leisure Pool and Waterslide Supports Progressing

Posted 2018-09-07

Wide view of the main “beach entrance” area to the pool and waterslide supports. Waterslide construction is expected to begin very soon.

Close-up View of Waterslide Supports

Posted 2018-09-07

Hot Tub Taking Shape

Posted 2018-07-18

With most cement flooring complete, work now shifts to the pad for the 20-person hot tub. Markers are in place to begin constructing the walls for the dressing rooms, party rooms, and front reception area in the coming weeks.

Leisure Pool Nearing Completion

Posted 2018-06-14

Construction continues on schedule for a late 2018 opening. Cement flooring is complete for both the lane pool and leisure pool.

Lap Pool Basin Complete

Posted 2018-04-10

The interior of the aquatic centre continues to take shape. The concrete basin for the 6-lane lap pool is now complete and ready for lining. Construction of  the system of sub-floor crawl spaces between the lap pool and leisure pool is halfway done and once complete will provide easy access for maintenance. Over the coming weeks, the crew will complete the construction of the crawl spaces leading to the hot tub area and begin filling in the remainder of the cement foundation.

Interior Work Begins

Posted 2018-02-16

Exterior walls of the new aquatic centre are now finished, and temporary heat is running to assist in getting the frost out of the ground before carrying on with interior ground work. Next stages include electrical and plumbing installation, and then pouring of the concrete floor.

Progress Continues on Steel Framework

Posted 2017-12-18

The structure of the indoor aquatic centre continues to take shape as seen from the north window of the West Central Events Centre.

Steel Starts to Go Up

Posted 2017-12-06

Crews began erecting standing steel supports on Wednesday, December 6 as Kindersley’s indoor pool facility continues to take shape.

Cement Poured for Lane Pool

Posted 2017-10-27

Cement pouring began today for the walls of the lane pool. Construction is proceeding very nicely. Three out of the four perimeter foundation walls are complete, and you can now see the outline of the front of the building where the change rooms, reception area, and party rooms will be situated. Over the next two weeks, the north foundation wall will be completed and dirt will be backfilled around the pool walls. Steel is scheduled to arrive on site by mid November.

Construction of Pilings Underway

Posted 2017-09-27

Work began today to drill and install the pilings into the ground that will support the foundation of the new indoor aquatic facility. A total of 45 pilings will be constructed, amounting to 220 cubic metres of concrete and 9 tonnes of steel. This portion of construction is expected to take a full week at minimum.

Demolition of Pool On Schedule

Posted 2017-08-17

Deconstruction of the existing pool site is proceeding on schedule. Crews have successfully removed all asbestos and can now begin this week (August 17) to break up the cement in the pool basin and excavate the site. This demolition work is likely to take up to two weeks.


The Fill the Pool Campaign has also begun for those interested in making a financial contribution toward the aquatic centre. There are a number of ways individuals and organizations can help fund this project.  The new aquatic centre will feature a Donor Wall to celebrate and recognize donations of various amounts. All charitable donations over $100 will receive recognition on this wall. Naming rights and sponsorship opportunities also exist for the building itself as well as the pool components. To learn more, visit The Aquatic Centre page

The Big Dippers Pool Fundraising Committee has already hosted a number of successful fundraisers including the Zest of the West and Princess Balls. So far, more than $100,000 has been raised. Watch for news of future events and activities that  you can support or consider becoming a member of the committee. Learn more at www.bigdippers.ca.

Construction of New Indoor Aquatic Centre Now Underway

Posted 2017-07-05

Officials gathered at the site of Kindersley’s new indoor aquatic centre this morning to celebrate the ceremonial turning of sod that signals the start of construction.

The 21,000 ft2 facility will boast a Junior Olympics-size 6-lane pool, a 2500 ft2 leisure pool, hot tub, 150 ft waterslide, rock climbing wall, party rooms, and outdoor patio, among other features. Construction is scheduled to be complete for the pool to be operational by October 2018.

The aquatic centre will be constructed on the site of the previous swimming pool, which was closed in June 2014 due to structural issues. Portions of the building will be repurposed within the design of the new indoor aquatic centre.

Members of Council were joined by representatives of the design-builders, Pro-Bilt Structures and Western Recreation, members of the Big Dippers Pool Fundraising Committee, Town staff, and other spectators from the community to celebrate the sod-turning.

“We have all been waiting eagerly for this day to come and I’m pleased to see the work beginning for Kindersley’s new indoor pool,” said Mayor Rod Perkins. “This is a community project in every way, and I encourage everyone to work together in making it a success. The coming months will focus on sponsorship and fundraising while construction is underway.”

Approximately $1.1 million is already dedicated in Town reserves for the project. An additional $100,000 to date has been generated through the fundraising efforts of the Big Dippers. Total cost of the indoor aquatic centre is $6.6 million. Information about sponsorship opportunities will be announced shortly.

For more information about this project, visit Major Projects-Aquatic Centre or www.bigdippers.ca.