Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, October 26, 2020. The following agenda items were resolved.

7.1: The Council resolved to direct Administration to enter into a Venue Agreement with LiveBarn Inc. to install a fully automated sports broadcasting system in both the Co-op Arena and the Events Centre Arena at the West Central Events Centre.

7.2: Council directed Administration to distribute approved funding to the following applicants from the Community Grant Program, 2020 intake: Kindersley Screen Arts $750.00, Kindersley Chamber $750.00, Pathway to Wellness $750.00, Kindersley Walking Trail Committee $750.00, Kindersley Curling Rink $750.00, Kindersley Museum $750.00, for a total
allocation amount of $4500.00.

7.4: Council resolved to accept as presented the List of Lands with Arrears of Taxes as of October 2020 and that any property on the List of Lands with Arrears of Taxes as of October 2020 with an amount owing of less than half of the immediately preceding year’s tax levy be omitted from said list before further proceeding.

7.6: Council resolved to authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to proceed under The Tax Enforcement Act with title acquisition of the property: Lot 1, Block 10, Plan 82S40083.

7.7: Council resolved to support Administration to submit a grant application to the “Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program” (ICIP) under the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream for the Active Transportation Infrastructure Project, and that the Town of Kindersley’s share of the projects cost come from taxation and fees.

8.1: Council resolved to accept as submitted the list of accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley and in the amount of $439,066.72.

9.1: Council approved three readings of Bylaw 10-20, Being a Bylaw of the Town of Kindersley in the Province of Saskatchewan, to Provide for Incurring a Debt in the Sum of One Million Two Hundred Fifty Thousand ($1,250,000.00) for the Purpose of Constructing the Lagoon Expansion and the Wastewater Upgrades.

9.2: Council approved three readings of Bylaw 11-20, Being a Bylaw to Repeal Certain Bylaws of the Town of Kindersley.

10.1: Council resolved to approve the Consent Agenda including the following items: Sask Hockey COVID-19 Guidelines – October 9, 2020 and Kindersley Museum Thank You Letter – October 2020.