Town Council held a Regular Meeting on Monday, May 24, 2022. The following agenda items were resolved.

7.2: Council resolved to award G&C Asphalt Contracting Ltd. as the successful proponent for the 2022 Infrastructure Upgrades as per the submitted and adjudicated proposal, and that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) are directed to enter into a 2022 Infrastructure Upgrades Agreement.

7.3: Town Council authorized the purchase of a Smart Fire Safety Training Trailer from LION Training in an amount not to exceed $72,000 including taxes, and that the cost be shared equally with the R.M. of Kindersley No. 290 with the Town of Kindersley’s portion coming from the Fire Truck Reserve.

7.4: The Council of the Town of Kindersley authorized the abatement of the 2022 Municipal and School taxes in the amount of $48,805.98 as per the 2022 Tax Abatements (Non-Profit Organizations) Schedule.

7.5: Council authorized the abatement of the 2022 Municipal taxes, as per the attached Schedule B for properties assessed with two minimum taxes.

7.6: Town Council directed Administration to distribute approved funding ($750.00 each) to the following applicants from the Community Grant Program, 2022 intake: Kindersley Chamber of Commerce, Westberry School, Pathway to Wellness, Kindersley Museum, Kindersley Crisis Centre, Kindersley Aquatic Centre, Walking Trail Committee, Kindersley Foodbank, Elizabeth School, and Kindersley Threshing Club, for a total allocation amount of $7,500.00.

7.7: The Council of the Town of Kindersley approved the Home-Based Application (DU#22-01) for a Discretionary Use at the residence of 11 McEwen Drive on the condition that it complies with the Development Standards of Home-Based Businesses pursuant to Section 5 (a) to (f), of Zoning Bylaw 02-22 and the Applicant obtains a Business Licnese from the Town prior to operation, and every year of operation. If any of the conditions outlined are not met for this proposed Home-Based Business, then the permit may not be approved and/or may be revoked.

7.8: Council resolved to direct the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to enter into a Community Airport Partnership Agreement with the Ministry of Highways for 2022 upgrades at the Kindersley Regional Airport.

8.1: Town Council resolved to accept as submitted the list of accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley in the amount of $436,464.03.

9.1: Mayor Rod Perkins proclaimed the month of June as June is Recreation & Parks Month, in recognition of the benefits and values that recreation, parks and leisure services provide.

10.1: The Council of the Town of Kindersley resolved to approve the Consent Agenda which includes the following items for acceptance and filing:

  1. Kindersley Museum Minutes May 10, 2022
  2. SaskWater Monthly Report April 2022
  3. Downtown Kindersley Association Minutes May 3, 2022