On Monday, July 8, 2024, Town Council held their Regular Meeting.

6.1: Council resolved to approve as presented the Minutes from the June 24, 2024 Regular Meeting.

7.1: The Council of the Town of Kindersley heard from administration about the new memorial tree program. The program allows the public to pay tribute to a loved one by donating and dedicating a tree(s) in Kindersley. The donor can choose what location they would like the tree from those on the list. Both the donor and the family receive information regarding the type of tree planted and the location of the tree (GPS coordinates and a map). You can fill out an application and donate a tree online or in person.

8.1: Town Council resolved to accept as submitted the list of accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley in the amount of $916,566.30.

9.1: Council resolved to approve the Consent Agenda which includes the following items for acceptance and filing:

  1. Downtown Kindersley Association Minutes – June 4, 2024
  2. Kindersley Museum Minutes – June 11, 2024
  3. Kindersley Museum Minutes – June 21, 2024
  4. WRLI Minutes – April 23, 2024
  5. SaskWater June 2024 Monthly Report
  6. What Can I Do To Protect My Home – Flyer