Council Highlights – December 16, 2019

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Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, December 16, 2019. The following resolutions were made regarding the tax exemptions, leasing and operations agreements, and dates of the upcoming meetings of Council in 2020.

Council resolved to direct administration to enter the following agreements:
– Tax Exemption Agreement with Rocky Mountain Equipment Canada Ltd. for a period of five years, ending on December 31, 2024.
– Tax Exemption Agreement was entered with Marathon Equities Corp. for a period of one year, ending on December 31, 2020.
– Cost Sharing Agreement with the Rural Municipality of Kindersley No. 290 was entered for costs associated with the fire suppression and rescue services provided by the Kindersley Fire Brigade.
– Facility Lease and Operations Agreement with the Kindersley Curling Club
– Airport Lease Agreement with Tarrickfic Aerial
– Airport Lease Agreement with Kindersley Airspray Ltd.

Council resolved to transfer $65,000 to the Recreation Reserve for the following list of projects budgeted in 2019 but not completed: O’Connor Park Irrigation Park $25,000, Kinsmen Park Skate Shack $20,000, and WCEC Wall of Champions $20,000.

An “Event Reserve” was created and $5,000 is to be transferred from the profit made during the “Night of Rock” concert event held October 18th, 2019 at the West Central Events Centre.

The non-profit group “West Central Ag Outlook Committee” was approved in advance for funding through the April 2020 intake of the Community Grant Program, in an amount not to exceed $750.

Council meetings will be held every second and fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise scheduled.

Council accepted as submitted the list of accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley in the amount of $622,011.35.

The three readings of Bylaw 12-19, being a Bylaw of the Town of Kindersley to Provide for the Management of Solid Waste was approved.

The first reading of Bylaw 13-19, being a Bylaw of the Town of Kindersley to Regulate the Kindersley Regional Airport, and to Provide for Airport Authority, Rules, Regulations, and Fees was approved.

The first reading of Bylaw 14-19, being a Bylaw of the Town of Kindersley to Regulate the Maintenance and Management of Water, Sanitary, Storm Water, and Plumbing Systems was approved.

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