Council Highlights-August 12, 2019 Regular Meeting

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Town Council held their Regular Meeting on Monday, August 12, 2019. The following resolutions were made regarding a new software system to facilitate tax and receipting, a road maintenance agreement, and a utility easement.

Council amended the agenda to remove 1 item: 7.2 Request for Proposal-Kinsmen Shack Project.

The purchase of a new software system to facilitate tax and receipting was authorized for an amount not to exceed $20,000 plus applicable taxes. These funds will be taken from the General Operating Expense Account, as not having been included in the 2019 Council Approved Capital and Operating Budget. The current software system has reached the end of its useful operation and the company providing it is no longer in business.

Council resolved that in accordance with The Tax Enforcement Act, the Chief Administrative Officer is authorized to proceed with tax enforcement on properties that have reached that stage in the arrears process.

A Road Maintenance agreement with Richardson International Saskatchewan Ltd. was entered. A Utility Easement Agreement was also entered with Richardson International Saskatchewan Ltd. Both agreements are related to new development.

Easement Agreements with Saskatchewan Power Corporation for Parcel 119708534 and Parcel 135921393 will be entered into. Both agreements relate to the approved Lagoon Expansion Project.

The list of accounts as paid by the Town of Kindersley in the amount of $2,033,791.86 was accepted.

Council approved the Consent Agenda including the following items: Correspondence for Acceptance and Filing (Kindersley Detachment RCMP-June 2019 Policing Statistics, Water Security Agency-Waterworks Inspection CN Reservoir, Water Security Agency-Waterworks Inspection Human Consumptive Use, Western Regional Landfill Inc.-Advertisement, Community Planning-Certificate of Approval)

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