Swim for Life Overview

March 6 was our first day of lessons. Thank you for supporting us as we proceed through this transition. We are learning every day and are thankful you are there with us!!

RCMP “Town Hall” Meeting

The Kindersley RCMP will be hosting a "Town Hall" meeting on March 22nd. In years past the priorities have been the following: • Community safety through various crime reduction strategies which includes; regular monitoring of repeat and high risk offenders, intelligence gathering, search warrants, use of local media for education campaigns. • Traffic safety through targeted enforcement of unsafe driving habits with an emphasis on deterring impaired driving. • Effective service delivery to ensure community concerns are being addressed by the RCMP. This includes media releases to inform the public of the RCMP’s activities in your communities, school visits/presentations, pro-active patrols [...]

Reminder of Yellow and Blue Painted Curbs

Even though it's winter and there is still some snow out there, we know you know approximately where the blue curbs and yellow curbs are... Please do not park in a blue wheelchair accessible space unless you have a permit hanging from your rearview window. Please be respectful of those who need to use these spaces. Please do not ever park on yellow curbs or street corners. You may impact the view of other drivers or pedestrians and cause an accident. Even if you are "just going in quickly" to a store, it takes just seconds for something bad to happen. [...]

Calling Our Local Photographers!

HI HELLO!? Where did all of our awesome local photographers go? We haven't received a "Kindersley Feature Photo" in weeks As the seasons change, we certainly hope to see some more of your lovely Kindersley and area photos to share on our pages! Remember by sharing your photo, you give us consent to use it on our social media, website, and other channels. We will give you credit for your photos. If you wish to remain annonymous, we are happy to accommodate that as well! Happy photo-taking! Feel free to email your photo to

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