Join in these interactive opportunities to contribute your ideas and input towards this community project. The committee is looking for as much information as possible in order to shape the goals and outcomes of the Culture Plan and direction for developing Kindersley. In addition to the significance that your input holds for this project, it will be available to all local groups and businesses as an understanding of residents' needs and for use in improving how they serve the community.

map image.jpg Community Mapping

Events for community members to come out and map Kindersley took place on September 28th and 29th, 2016. Did you miss the opportunity? Not a problem! Click HERE  on the map image to open a map of Kindersley and print. Follow the instructions listed to plot locations, activities and special memories and more on your own map. We look forward to what your map says about Kindersley and what you find important about the community you live in.

Instructions for Mapping

1. Place identifiers or labels in text (ex. neighbourhoods, street names)
2. Place landmarks in text or images (ex. Water tower, railway tracks, schools)
3. Place areas you go for fun or to express yourself (ex. locations and activities that are special for you)
4. Place areas you go to socialize with your family and friends (ex. locations and activities that are special for your groups)
5. Place locations for memories or special moments (ex. Championship game)

History Pin

History Pin is an online mapping project that allows users to upload images of various locations in time to a Google map. Viewers can then enjoy the photographs that users have posted, contribute a memory to the location or tag someone in it.Together, users and viewers can build a community archive online to feature the evolution of our towns physical and social lifestyle!

How to use History Pin

Click on the highlighted numbers on the map to zoom in on image pins that feature photographs from a specific time and place in Kindersley. When the image pops up on the right, you can click on the 'i' icon to see additional information about the image including dates, captions, people and addresses. Viewers can contribute an experience or additional information to the photograph by utilizing the 'Comments and Stories' submission box. Information presented for each photograph is limited to the caption attached to the physical photograph. If the date/ location/ title is incorrect, please assist by clicking on the links above the respective section to submit the correct information. A sliding timeline is featured on the left side of the map to view images from a specific time period.

How to Get Involved with History Pin

If you enjoy this project and wish to encourage inspire others to become involved, click the 'share' link on the right of the map. You can also contribute to the photographic history of Kindersley by starting a 'Collection' of your own (select link on the right of the map) by uploading your own images and pinning to Kindersley!