Trail Etiquette: Cyclists vs. Walkers (people walking, not zombies!)
In all seriousness, we are so happy that everyone is enjoying their time at the Community Walking Trail, however, it has been mentioned that there are sometimes miscommunications between cyclists and walkers. Usually miscommunication is harmless, but some situations could end in someone being hurt, and that we don’t want to see!
For cyclists, some best practices include wearing a helmet, reflective gear or reflectors on the bike, and regularly maintaining the bike to ensure it is working properly. When approaching someone who is walking, use a bell or a verbal warning to let the person know you are coming by. Slowing down when going by and yielding to pedestrians are helpful best practices as well!
For walkers, stay alert to your surroundings, give the bicycles some space as they go by, and if you are listening to music or a podcast (we know true crime makes us all walk faster), try only using ONE headphone so you can still hear if someone calls out to you or rings their bell.
Thanks for reading this post, keeping our residents safe, and doing your part! Have fun at the trail! And we highly recommend trying out the new sections of the trail if you haven’t already, they make for a nice change of scenery!