Hazardous Household Waste Collection Event – June 10, 2021 from 1:00pm to 7:00pm at the West Central Event Centre Parking Lot

Saskatchewan Household Hazardous Waste Stewardship Program

Program Categories:
➢ Physically Hazardous (nonrefillable fuel cylinders)
➢ Flammable Liquid
➢ Corrosive
➢ Toxic
➢ Pesticide

Basic Restrictions:
➢ Household waste only – No waste marked or sold as commercial, industrial or agricultural. To determine this we look for the presence of a WHMIS hatched information section or TDG dangerous goods information on the container. We also look for the words industrial, commercial or agricultural on the container. If it contains any of these things it is not ‘household’ waste.
➢ Original containers only – No repackaged waste
➢ Original labels only – Original container must have original label
➢ Sealed containers only – Must be leak-proof, generally the original cap must be attached
➢ Household hazardous materials covered by other stewardship programs are not included, such as paint & paint aerosols, motor oil, antifreeze and batteries
➢ Light bulbs and light tubes are not included in the Program
➢ Explosives (e.g. flares, ammunition & fireworks) are not included in the Program
➢ Medical sharps and pharmaceuticals are not included in the Program
➢ Residue containers of Accepted products are included in the Program

Physically Hazardous (Fuel Cylinders, Non-Refillable):
Required Symbols –Explosive and flammable
Maximum Container Size –5kg
Other Restrictions – All cylinders must be non-refillable
Examples (All must comply basic restrictions above):
1 lb Propane Cylinders: MAPP gas torch fuel cylinders
Camp Fuel Cylinders: Ethyl ether engine starter cylinders
Butane cylinders

Aerosols (covered under flammable, toxic and corrosive categories):
Required Symbols –Explosive and a second hazard symbol, either flammable, toxic or corrosive
Maximum Container Size – 680g / 24oz
Other Restrictions – Cannot be food items such as cooking spray or personal care items such as deodourant, hair spray and sunscreen
Examples (All must comply basic restrictions above): Lubricant, Spray glue, Insect repellent, Brake cleaner, Solvent

Flammable Liquid:
Required Symbol – Flammable
Maximum Container Size – 10L, or 25L for gasoline in a ULC-approved gas can or jerry can.
Other Restrictions – Must be liquid, no flammable solids. No caulking. No diesel fuel.
Examples (All must comply basic restrictions above): Gasoline, Gasoline contaminated w/ oil or water, Acetone, BBQ lighter fluid, Camping fuel, Fondue fuel, Kerosene, Flammable degreasers, Flammable lubricants, Flammable liquid adhesives, Flammable fuel additives, Methanol, Methyl hydrate, Mineral spirits, Paint stripper / remover, Paint thinners, Turpentine, Varsol, Other flammable solvents, Windshield washer fluid

Corrosive (liquid or solid):
Required Symbol – Corrosive
Maximum Container Size – 10L
Other Restrictions –Powder form masonry products such as cement, grout and mortar are not included
Examples (All must comply basic restrictions above): Rust remover, Masonry cleaner, Pool & hot tub chemicals, Grout cleaner, Ammonia, Bleach

Toxic (liquid):
Requires Symbol – Poison
Maximum Container Size – 10L
Other Restrictions – Symbol must be accompanied by the word “Danger”, no solids, no antifreeze
Examples (All must comply basic restrictions above): Furniture stripper, Automotive additives, Lubricants, Tar & bug remover

Pesticide (liquid, solid):
Required Symbol – Poison
Maximum Container Size – 10L
Other Restrictions – Container must show the Pest Control Product (PCP) number and the word “Domestic” ***Note that many common household ‘pesticides’ such as Roundup, Killex and others do not have a toxic symbol, and are therefore not accepted.
Examples (All must comply basic restrictions above): Yard & garden chemicals, Anti-fouling paint, Pet products, Sanitizers, Disinfectants


Some Products Not Accepted:

  • Products covered by other provincial programs (paint, oil, antifreeze, batteries)
  • Unidentifiable, unknown or unlabeled products
  • Commercial, industrial or agricultural products
  • Leaking or improperly sealed containers
  • Powder forms of masonry products such as cement, grout, mortar, plaster of Paris
  • Wine & distilled spirits
  • Refillable propane cylinders
  • Ammunition
  • Drugs & medicines
  • Caulking compound
  • Diesel fuel
  • Medical sharps
  • Fertilizer
  • Cosmetics
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Oil & antifreeze
  • Mercury
  • Oily rags
  • Health & beauty products
  • Light tubes & bulbs
  • Flares & Fireworks
  • Smoke detectors
  • 20L Pails (of any kind of waste)

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