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The Kindersley Curling Club is having their annual general meeting on October 28, 2020 at 7:30pm. Please enter through the curling rink lounge doors on the eastside of the building. All members and potential members are welcome.


Contact Sharon Haubrich 306-463-4559 or 306-460-8480


2020 Curling Registration Form


Information for those who can’t make it/are interested in joining the curling club:

Kindersley Curling Club Member Information

We hope that you and your family have remained safe and healthy during these challenging times. Based on the outline from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, we are excited to announce the reopening of our Curling Rink.

Your health and safety are our highest priority, and we have taken extensive safety measures, which include the following:

Curling Rink  and Lounge Access

  • Entry and Exit is by side outdoor of curling rink only, there is no longer entrance via main doors of the WCEC Complex
  • A Sign in process is required by all who enter the building, both member and spectator. This will assist SaskHealth in the event of an outbreak to do the necessary contact tracing.
  • The lounge will be available for socializing and enjoying your favorite beverage after a game. SaskHealth Guidelines as outlined in the Restaurant and Lounge guidelines will be implemented for users and workers.


  • Signage and markers will increase spacing between curlers both on and off the ice as well as indicating traffic flow.
  • Masks are optional in the lobby and ice surface. Because physical distancing may not be able to be maintained all the time in the lobby, we encourage members to wear masks until they get to the ice surface.
  • Masks are MANDATORY when working lounge shifts.


  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting methods in the club will happen frequently.
  • Staff and volunteer lounge workers will be equipped with spray bottles for consistent cleaning of every frequently used surface with properly graded disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the entrance of and throughout the club for curler and staff use.
  • Sliders/brooms/assistive device equipment owned by club is still available to players and will be sanitized after use,


  • Lockers WILL NOT be available for the 2020-2021 season. Members should bring their brooms and shoes with them and be already dressed to go out on the ice, if possible. There will be space in the lobby to store coats, boots and gym bags.
  • Fountains/Water Coolers. These will remain closed. We encourage curlers to bring their own water bottles from home.
  • Locker rooms are available, if required, Members are encouraged to use a mask if physical distancing is not possible during their period of use


  • If you are feeling ill, please stay home.
  • It is Strongly Recommended that each person entering the Kindersley Curling wears a mask until they are seated at their table or on the curling ice. This is based on Sask Health’s recommendation as we can’t guarantee proper Physical Distancing every moment that you are in the lobby or lounge.
  • Bring your own curling equipment if possible. Do not share with others.
  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
  • Each team is responsible to advise the Kindersley Curling Club, regarding players (or player changes) and their contact information, prior to the start of each of their scheduled games.
  • Bar workers are required to wear masks during their shifts. Masks will be supplied if you do not have your own.
  • Everyone entering the facility must sign-in.


  • Payment is available at the rink through our debit machine. Contactless payment is encouraged over cash.
  • A Declaration of Compliance is required to be completed by each member at time of registration.
  • Included with this year’s fees will a one time “covid supply fee” per member. This fee will assist in covering the additional cleaning materials and costs associated with Covid 19 cleaning guidelines.


  • We are able to offer curling for teams on 4 to 5 sheets of ice based on number of players on each team, according to facility usage guidelines.
  • Lobby room space is adequate to maintain physical distance for the number of team members to gather and move to ice surface, based on the numbers of players allowed for each league play.


  • Scheduled start is November 9th.


  • We are committed to the health and safety of our members. All of our guidelines are inline with the guidelines outlined by the Saskatchewan Health Authorities (SHA) and the Town of Kindersley Recreation Facility. Please visit the SHA website for more information regarding the required Sports and Activities Guidelines which can be found HERE
  • We are also following the guidelines provided by both Curling Canada and CURLSASK. Curling Canada’s Return to Play Guidelines can be found HERE


Please note that this was drafted on Oct 20, 2020 and is subject to change

Last Update October 20,2020

The Kindersley Curling Club is committed to the positive well-being of all members of our club community. We will be aligning its COVID-19 Response Plan with updated SHA Guidelines and recommendations from our sport partner associations, Curling Canada and CURLSASK.

Will there be any rule changes for the sport of curling because of COVID safety concerns?

Yes, following Curling Canada’s recommendations, the “Single-Sweeper Rule” will be obeyed during all games at the Kindersley Curling Club during the 2020-21 season:

The “Single-Sweeper Rule” means that:

  • Only one sweeper maximum is permitted at all times
  • No “relaying” (no sweeper taking over for another sweeper at any time)
  • No sweeping an opponent’s stone after it passes the T-Line
  • No one aside from the dedicated sweeper for a shot can sweep any stone (including ticks and bumps and raises

Will there be any other changes to the on-ice experience this season?

Yes, following Curling Canada’s recommendations, there will be a number of changes to the on-ice curling experience. Some of these on-ice changes will include:

  • To determine rock colour, consider “rock-paper-scissor” instead of a coin flip, please do this before going on ice. ALL TEAMS must clean their own rock handles at the start of each game.
  • No handshakes (consider a “raise-of-the-broom” instead)
  • No touching other curler’s stones with your hand (use your broom or foot instead)
  • No “bare-hand” cleaning of the bottom of your stone (use your glove or broom instead)
  • No group congregating on the backboards
  • All players should obey physical distancing recommendations during play
  • Scorekeeping will be done on paper only, no use of scoreboards at this time.
  • Only the “delivering team” is permitted access to the house during their turn (the opposing skip should stand in the hack area and await their turn to reclaim access to the house)

There may be other changes to your on-ice experience as well (e.g., measuring, the manner of entering the ice area, loaner equipment availability, etc.). These changes will be determined and announced prior to the opening of the curling season.

What if members of my team are from the same household or if we are already cohorting together. Can we use two sweepers?

No. Whether one is from the same household or not, the “Single-Sweeper Rule” will be maintained for all Granite leagues and for all players.

Will all Kindersley Leagues be playing during the 2020-21 season?

Yes, all leagues will be operating at normal capacity during the 2020-21 season.

Will the Kindersley Junior/Adult Learn to Curl Program be available?

Yes, we plan to offer these programs during the 2020-21 season, providing we have instructors.

Interruptions: if the Kindersley Curling Club is required to close temporarily because of SHA requirements then every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that make-up games can be rescheduled during the 2020-21 season’s timeframe.

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