Bids for Properties in Kindersley

//Bids for Properties in Kindersley

The Town of Kindersley is seeking bids for properties located in Kindersley, SK.

All properties will be sold on an as is basis and the Town of Kindersley reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

The properties are located in both residential and commercial zoned areas.  All properties are to be purchased with the intent to develop within a twelve (12) month period.  All developments must meet all requirements of any and all Town of Kindersley Bylaws including the Town of Kindersley Zoning Bylaw 04-14.

The Town of Kindersley strongly advises that bidders interested in submitting a proposal complete a site visit  prior to submitting a bid.

Please see: 2019 Request for Tender Document for more details!

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