“Preserving our Past for the Future”


“To represent the heritage of the Town of Kindersley and surrounding region”


The Kindersley & District Plains Museum strives to provide the heritage of the Town of Kindersley and its surrounding region through programming, events and exhibition means.

In May 2012, KDPM released its new 5 year strategic plan;  Looking to the Future: a Strategic Direction . The Plan focuses on Capacity Building through the development of collection, programming, audience and community partnerships.

Since the publication of the strategic plan, KDPM has made efforts to revitalize and re-energize its presence within local, regional and global communities. Changes regarding staff, public spaces, collection management, education and programming have taken place over the past year, and will remain a focus until 2017; when the next strategic plan is designed.

            2012 Strategic Plan


The Kindersley & District Plains Museum has grown from a small collection in the Kindersley Library, to a site which hosts a main building and features nine acres of property exhibiting eight historic buildings. The Museum is a unique heritage organization as it combines a museum and heritage site.

Located in West Central Saskatchewan, the museum was established in the 1950’s by a group of veterans to feature a collection of memorabilia from their involvement in WWII. As community interest in the collection and local history developed, more individuals became involved with the project; this led to the first volunteer board and establishment of non-profit status in 1978. The original mandate served to represent the history of the Town of Kindersley from its settlement till 1970.

The collection continued to grow and eventually exceeded the available spaces in town, this resulted in a large fundraising effort to purchase land. The property purchased from these efforts is where the Museum sits today; along a major tourist route on the #7 HWY East entrance into the Town of Kindersley. The Grand Opening for the new museum was held on June 14th, 1991; this new site enabled the collection to be reunited in one location for visitors to view and engage with.

In 2010, the KDPM re-incorporated as a non-profit regional museum to include a Board of members who would reflect the heritage of the region. The revised mandate;  to reflect the heritage of the Town of Kindersley and it’s surrounding region , enables the Museum to grow and develop its collection through an evolving society and culture.

The year of 2012 saw many major changes in the story of the KDPM community engagement. The organization began its rebuilding stage in May when a cultural advisor was hired to design a Strategic Plan for the Museum. A result of this Plan was to hire the Museum’s first ever Manager/Curator for a year term. During this term, the Museum  refined its spaces and transitioned into a cultural hub where art, heritage and education was delivered to the region through a variety of means.

The Musuem is now currently operated by the Board and supported by all partners holding ownership; R.M. of Antelope Park, R.M. of Kindersley, R.M. of Milton, R.M. of Oakdale and the Town of Kindersley.



Sir Robert Kindersley was a major shareholder in the Canadian Northern Railway and the namesake for the Town. His significance to the history of our region is represented through the railway track symbol featured in the 'K' letter, which stands for 'Kindersley' in the museum’s name.

In August of 1951, oil was discovered on a farm in the R.M of Oakdale. This led to the commencement of drilling throughout our region; which continues to be a driving economic source today. The oil drop symbol is featured in the letter 'D' which stands for 'District' in the museum’s name.

The topography of our region has provided life for our society and enabled a community to grow for more than a century. The product of the agricultural lifestyle that we have and continue to be submersed in is the wheat head symbol featured in the letter 'P' which stands for 'Plains' in the museum’s name.

The colors chosen represent the hues of our landscape, from the vibrant blue sky to the golden prairie fields.

Each characteristic in the logo was conceptualized to represent the Kindersley & District Plains Museum’s mandate and mission.