Kindersley Flying Club

Club Objectives

  • To promote and encourage interest in general aviation
  • To promote and encourage, by all members, the observance of the air regulations and good flying habits
  • To aid and assist in the maintenance of the local airport
  • To encourage the use of aircraft in personal transportation
Fuel Committee Courtesy Car Committee Aircraft Committee Club Executives
Murray Jones
Gordon Jamieson
Scott Drew
Keith Harris Tim Heese
Murray Jones
Dan Hankewich
President: Monte Sheppard
Vice President: Tim Heese

Keith Harris
Darren Hodgson
Harvey Veldhoen
Scott Drew

Secretary: Leanne Boychuk

What does the Kindersley Flying Club have to offer?

  • Aviation fuel right at the airport
  • A courtesy car for people flying in
  • A heated building for pilots and passengers, along with a meeting room
  • Flying lessons (depending on demand for enrolment).  Flying lessons scheduled for spring 2013.

For more information, or to register, contact Dan Hankewich at 306-463-7320 or via .
Kindersley Flying Club meets the  first Monday  of every month to promote flying and the club .

Everyone is welcome.