Highlights from March 13, 2017 Council Meeting

Published on Mar 15, 2017 at 10:57a.m.

Council amended the Town of Kindersley’s Official Community Plan (OCP) through the approval of Bylaw 04-17. The amendment is specific to the Future Land Use Concept Map in Section 5 of the OCP where marked lands within the C1 Downtown Commercial District are changed to R2A Small Lot Residential District. 

Bylaw 04-17 was required by legislation as a result of Council’s approval earlier this year of Bylaw 01-17, which re-zoned the same area referenced above in the Town of Kindersley’s Zoning Bylaw to accommodate a development.

A motion to approve the construction of a semi-detached dwelling as a discretionary use at 29 West Road was brought forward from the previous meeting of Council and subsequently defeated because of concerns raised by area residents related to parking and fit with the neighbourhood.

A development permit application for the construction of a secondary suite at 127-1st Avenue West was approved by Council, in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw 04-14, which allows the development as a discretionary use in the R2A – Small Lot Residential District.

Council approved the application for a home-based daycare business at 305-6th Avenue West on the condition that the business complies with all related development standards outlined in the Zoning Bylaw and all other applicable licenses and legislation relating to the Child Care Act, 2015.

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