The Town of Kindersley is governed by Bylaws set by Town Council. All bylaws are named and filed according to the sequence and year in which they are passed. The passing of a new bylaw may result in a previous bylaw requiring repeal. For this reason, bylaws are regularly reviewed, amended, and in some cases, repealed. Below is a list of notable and most commonly referenced bylaws. A more extensive list can be found in our CivicWeb Portal .

To view or search for a particular bylaw name or topic, you can also view our Bylaw Index .

Bylaws can also be viewed at the Town of Kindersley Administration Office at 106 5th Avenue East.

Airport Bylaw

Airport Bylaw 11-16

Animal Control Bylaw

Animal Control Bylaw 18-11

Anti-Bullying Bylaw

Anti-Bullying Bylaw 16-16

Zero Tolerance Policy

Budget and Taxation Bylaws

Bylaw 09-16, a Bylaw to Establish Mill Rate Factors.pdf

Minimum Tax Bylaw 07-14

Building Bylaw

Building Bylaw 01-12
Fence Requirement

Business Bylaw

Business Bylaw 45-94

Cemetery Bylaw

Cemetery Bylaw 01-14

Coat of Arms, Flag & Badge

Coat of Arms Bylaw 03-94

Council Procedures Bylaw

Council Procedures Bylaw 17-16

Criminal Record Check Bylaw

Bylaw 05-16 A Bylaw to Require Criminal Record Checks with Election Nomination Form

Development Levy Fees

Development Levy Servicing Fees Bylaw 01-15

Economic Development Tax Incentive Bylaw

Economic Incentive Tax Exemption Bylaw 05-14

Emergency Measures Organization Bylaw

Emergency Measures Organization Bylaw 04-09

Firearms Bylaw

Firearms Bylaw 07-13

Fire Prevention and False Alarm Bylaw

Fire Prevention Bylaw 23-09

Garbage (Solid Waste Management) Bylaw

Solid Waste Management Bylaw 11-15

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General Penalty Bylaw

General Penalty Bylaw 03-09

Mobile Home Bylaw

Mobile Home Bylaw 18-14

Noise Bylaw

Noise Bylaw 21-95

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Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 19-08

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Official Community Plan Bylaw

Official Community Plan Bylaw 03-14

Property Assessment Appeal Fee Bylaw

Property Assessment Appeal Fee Bylaw 06-17

Property Tax Penalties Bylaw

Property Penalties Bylaw 08-15.pdf

Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw

Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw 04-10

Snowmobile Bylaw

Snowmobile Bylaw 29-01

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Operation of Taxi Vehicles

Taxi Bylaw 02-08

Smoking Bylaw

Smoking Bylaw 02-09

Swimming Pool Bylaw

Swimming Pool Bylaw 01-10

Traffic Bylaw

Traffic Bylaw 15-16

Water Conservation Bylaw

Water Conservation Bylaw 10-15

Water Rates Bylaw

Water Rates Bylaw 11-14 with amendment 04-15.pdf

Waterworks and Sanitary Sewer Bylaw

Waterworks and Sanitary Sewer Bylaw 16-09 with Amendment 16-14

Yard Sale Sign Bylaw

Yard Sale Sign Bylaw 07-08

Zoning Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw 04-14

Additional Bylaws:

Base Tax Bylaw 09-10

Bylaw 13-16, Curfew Repeal Bylaw.pdf