Aquatic Centre

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The conceptual design for Kindersley’s proposed new pool was officially unveiled at the Zest of the West pool fundraiser on April 22, 2017.

More than 650 ticketholders enjoyed food, drinks, and live entertainment as vendors from throughout the Prairie provinces offered samples of their local brewed and distilled beers and liquors, while sample restaurant dishes awakened taste buds. Hosted by the Big Dippers Pool Fundraising Committee, Zest of the West was the largest event yet to be held in support of Kindersley’s new aquatic facility. Profits from the event exceeded $40,000.

The aquatic centre will be built by a consortium led by Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. and Western Recreation and will include the following features:

  • A Junior Olympics-sized lane pool (82 ft long)
  • 20-person hot tub
  • 150 ft waterslide
  • 2,500 sq. ft leisure pool
  • Family change rooms
  • 2 party rooms

Council hopes to break ground by summer 2017 and to have the new pool in operation by fall 2018.

Fundraising for the Aquatic Centre

Big Dippers Pool Fundraising is a dedicated group of community volunteers formed ato raise money for the Kindersley pool. Each committee member believes in the value that swimming facilities bring to a community in terms of recreation opportunities, tourism, and helping residents maintain an active and healthy quality of life. Click image below to view the fundraising website.

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In January 2017, the Town of Kindersley issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) for Aquatic Facility Project to seek firms to design and construct a new aquatic facility.  The REOI offered proponents the flexibility to use a cost-benefit analysis and determine whether the best construction option for Kindersley is that of an outdoor or indoor pool, or an outdoor pool capable of being enclosed at a later date. Seven submissions were received by the February 24, 2017 deadline. Council selected the consortium of Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. and Western Recreation as the successful proponent and agreed to begin contract negotiations on April 4, 2017.


Planning for a new pool originally began as a component of the West Central Community Centre (Phase 2 of the Multi-Use Facility) project after a portion of the West Central Events Centre was re-built in 2011.

The intent of this project is to construct a fully integrated multi-use facility that will accommodate an indoor aquatic centre, performing arts theatre, gymnasium, and meeting/banquet space.

The Town of Kindersley contracted Group 2 Architects to continue the work started with the Phase 2 Needs and Operational Assessment and determine the size, cost, and scope of constructing a new swimming pool in Kindersley. View the final report: Kindersley Aquatic Centre Report 2015

Two Community Consultations were held in Kindersley for the Design of the new Aquatics Centre.

From the first Community Consultation the following priority pool activities were determined:

  • Swimming Lessons  (for all ages)
  • Leisure Swimming (family fun)
  • Aqua Therapy / Wellness
  • Lifeguard Training / Fitness / Activity / Competitions

At the second Community Consultation, 3 Design options were presented: 2 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool.

Out of 40 votes, 37 were for the indoor option with the following criteria:

Indoor Facility - 3 Options

Group 2 Archicture Interior Design Inc presented to Council the draft final report for the Kindersley Aquatic Centre. The  draft report includes an overview of the consultation process, results of the online survey, and three revised options based on the input received and financial thresholds suggested by Council.

The revised options are as follows:

  1. Base Option - $7.5 million (capital cost only; Estimated total cost: $9,285,200)

4-lane Indoor Pool (detached from West Central Events Centre)
Includes: Zero Entry/Leisure Pool, Rope Swing
Does not include: Waterslide, Whirlpool, Lazy River, 1m Diving Board,

  1. Option 1 - $8.8 million (capital cost only; Estimated total cost: $10,784,956)

4-lane Indoor Pool (attached to West Central Events Centre)
Includes: Zero Entry/Leisure Pool, Rope Swing, Lazy River, 1m Diving Board
Does not include: Waterslide, Whirlpool

3.   Option 2 - $9.2 million (capital cost only; Estimated cost: $11,288,095)

6-lane Indoor Pool (attached to West Central Events Centre)
Includes: Zero Entry/Leisure Pool, Rope Swing, 1m Diving Board
Does not include: Waterslide, Whirlpool, Lazy River

See the full presentation here .

Did You Know?

  • It would cost $4,500,000 to replace the current outdoor Kindersley Aquatic Centre with the exact same tank, amenities’ and building area.
  • There are numerous advantages of having multiple pool tanks vs. one single tank:
  • It is easier to accommodate users of all ages and different activities due to varying water temperature.
  • Facility does not need to be shut down in the case of accidental contamination.

Cost to Consider

When considering the development of a new pool we need to careful to consider both the capital construction costs and the operating costs.

Operating Costs

  • The Town has been operating an outdoor aquatic centre with an average deficit of $140,000/year, but operating an indoor aquatic centre will increase the operating costs because it will be open 12 months of the year and not just 4.  The expected operating deficit for an indoor pool is estimated to be an additional $335,000/year. If this were to be divided equally and charged to each of Kindersley’s 1859 households, it would be an average of $180/household.

Capital Construction Costs

  • Capital funding could come from a variety of sources including donations, sponsorship, and tax dollars.  If the Town were to budget to contribute $3,000,000 over 10 years from tax dollars towards the capital costs this could mean an average of $170/household per year.
  • Considering both operating and capital expenses, the taxpayer could be looking at an average of $350/household/year, if this was to be collected through property taxation if we amortized over 10 years.
  • Town of Kindersley collects property taxes using a mill rate levy and a base tax. The mill rate property tax is calculated proportionately to the assessment value of the property (also based on class of property: residential, commercial or agricultural). The base tax is a flat rate tax that is charged equally to each property regardless of assessment value or class (we currently have a base tax of $300/property which goes towards capital paving projects).

Please click on the link below to see the results from the Kindersley Aquatics Centre Survey. The results will better inform Council and the Town of Kindersley about the project most supported by taxpayers, as well as the level of tax tolerance for each of the design options provided.

Aquatic Centre Online Survey Results August 22 2015.pdf

View Fundraising Committee Meeting Minutes

Public Consultations

Two community consultations have been held for the public and facilitated by Group 2 Architects. An initial consultation was held on May 19 at the West Central Events Centre, followed by a second on July 7. The presentations for each are provided below.

Aquatic Centre Public Consultation 1 May 19, 2015.pdf

Aquatic Centre Public Consultation 2 July 7, 2015.pdf

Since just before the loss of Exhibition Stadium to fire in 2010, extensive research and community consultation has taken place to determine the components most needed and desired in a multi-use facility to serve west central Saskatchewan. These efforts were amplified during the arena reconstruction, which became known as Phase 1.

Phase 2 Background

In October 2012, the Town of Kindersley issued a Request for Proposals for firms to conduct a Needs and Operational Assessment for Phase 2 of the Multi-Use Facility. While many community consultations and hours of volunteer research had been conducted up to that point, an official study was needed to help determine if the current list of wants matched the needs of the community. This will ensure that we address Kindersley's facility needs in the best, most efficient, and well-designed means possible. Having this assessment is a major help in Kindersley's ability to apply for funding from senior levels of government, including the Federal P3 program.

Seven firms submitted proposals to conduct the Needs and Operational Assessment, and from them, Group 2 Architects was selected to complete the assessment. Members of the Multi-Use Building Committee were involved in the process in an advisory capacity, and the committee also made its recommendation to Council based on Group 2's final report.

Needs and Operational Assessment

The Needs and Operational Assessment assists the Town in determining the need, feasibility, capital and operating costs, benefits, funding opportunities, partnership and various project delivery options for the components previously identified in Phase 2 of the Multi-Use Facility. These include:

  • Indoor Aquatic Centre
  • Performing Arts Theatre
  • Gymnasium
  • Convention/Banquet Space

The Needs and Operational Assessment was conducted over a period of six months, beginning in February 2013 and ending in July. A final report was approved by Council on August 12, 2013. The process included several stakeholder meetings, three open house forums, a public survey, and consultation with potential partners.

View the Group 2 Assessment completed in April 2013.

View the Group 2 Final Assessment Report of Needs and Operational Assessment prepared by Group 2 Architects.

On October 30, 2013, two community workshops were held to review the options presented in the Needs and Operational Assessment. View the Workshop Final Report .

Recommendations of Study

Three main build options are outlined in the final report , which was accepted by Kindersley Town Council at its August 12 regular meeting. The Needs and Operational Assessment provides a detailed overview of all the components identified for inclusion in the Multi-Use Facility, as well as the estimated capital and operational costs associated with each.

Option A:
Full Build, including 33,253 square feet aquatic centre with waterslide, 6-lane pool, and leisure pool, and other features; 450-seat theatre and banquet area; 21,635 square feet gymnasium accommodating full indoor soccer pitch; and administrative area for the Town of Kindersley and potential partner Great Plains College.

Total size: 132,753 square feet
Total estimated project cost: $65,501,000

Option B:
Reduced Build, including 29,671 ft2 aquatic centre with waterslide, 6-lane pool and smaller leisure pool, and other features, 300-seat theatre and banquet area; 10,064 ft2 gymnasium accommodating half-size indoor soccer pitch; and administrative area for the Town of Kindersley and potential partner Great Plains College.

Total size: 104,579 square feet
Total estimated project cost: $51,334,000

Option C:
Staged build of Option B. Construction of Aquatic Centre to be completed first at an estimated project cost of $23,650,000, and construction of remaining components to follow for a total estimated project cost of $51,334,000.

Multi-Use Building Committee

The Multi-Use Building Committee (MUBC), which was comprised of community stakeholders and representatives from local organizations that utilize both the Norman Ritchie Community Centre and West Central Events Centre, has put its recommendation behind Option A. Based on projected population, and both capital and operational costs, Group 2 recommends Option B as the preferred option in its report.

View information about the Multi-Use Building Committee including its Terms of Reference .

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Phase 1

Kindersley's new Co-op Arena (Phase I of the Multi-Use Facility project) opened for operation in February 2012, just two years after the fire which claimed the previous Exhibition Stadium. Located at 500 2nd Street East, adjacent to the pre-existing West Central Events Centre, the facility is open from 6:00 am until 12:00 am, 7 days a week.

Features of the Facility include:

  • Full-size ice surface built to Hockey Canada specifications
  • Sledge Hockey Accessibility
  • 190-metre running track
  • Multi-purpose meeting rooms
  • 7 full-size dressing rooms
  • Mini-Stick Recreation Area
  • 450 Seating Capacity; additional standing capacity of 1,000
  • Built-in energy efficiency through insulated ice surface, motion-activated lights, low flush toilets, and an Automated Building System that allows for preset heating and lighting controls that can be monitored remotely
  • Amazing fluorescent lighting that turns on and off immediately

To view Ice Schedule , click here