Alternative Measures Program

Alternative Measures Program

"Alternative measures" refers to programs in which adults who are accused of a criminal offence take responsibility for their behavior by participating in a community-based program. An adult is anyone 18 years or older. These programs attempt to balance the needs of victims, the accused, and their communities while ensuring that society is protected. They offer accused persons a chance to take responsibility for their behavior and to address the harm they have committed.

Alternative measures are a way to address crime in conjunction with the criminal justice system. These programs address the criminal actions of the accused while preserving their dignity and requiring them to be accountable for their behavior. It attempts to make things right by taking a problem-solving approach to crime which emphasizes forgiveness and healing while helping to repair relationships between the victim, the accused and the community. They are consistent with the move towards a responsive justice system that tries to deal with criminal behavior in a proactive manner. The aim is to:

  • increase the offender’s accountability and responsibility for criminal actions;
  • promote the involvement of victims in the process;
  • protect society by deterring accused persons from further criminal behavior;
  • enhance the community’s participation in resolving conflicts;
  • involve the community in addressing the crime; and
  • protect the interests of society

The Kindersley Community Justice Committee is a Committee based in Kindersley that oversees the Community Justice Program within the Kindersley RCMP Detachment Area. The Committee is made up of representatives of Kindersley, Kerrobert, Eston and the RM’s within the Kindersley RCMP Detachment area along with a Member of the RCMP and a representative of Corrections and Public Safety who act as advisors to the committee. The duties and responsibilities of the Committee is to deal with the needs and priorities of the community in which it operates. For example the may engage in:

  • Advisory activities such as suggesting ways to make their community safer, or providing, at the request of the court sentencing recommendations for offenders who have been found guilty
  • Public education activities such as helping to establish youth recreation programs, speaking to local schools, service and community groups
  • Crime prevention activities such as arranging seminars on personal safety

The KCJC is a volunteer committee in which the Members give of their time and knowledge to make the program work. The Committee receives no financial assistance from the Provincial and Federal Governments, and all costs to train mediators and to increase public awareness is borne through donations or fund-raising events.

The KCJC is always looking for individuals of all age and gender who wish to make a difference in the Justice Program, in order to apply you must have a Criminal Record check completed along with an application for membership to the committee.

There are currently two mediators within the community, 1 for adult Alternative Measures and 1 for Youth Extra-judicial Sanctions who mediate the program between the victim, the offender and the community to reach a sanction that is both beneficial to the Accused, the victim and the Community.

The current KCJC board is comprised of volunteers from only a few communities in the Kindersley area.. The KCJC is very interested in having a broader representation from more of the communities it provides services to. Help restore justice and healing in your community.

If you wish to learn more about the KCJC board and what it does for communities in the West Central Region, or if you are interested in becoming a mediator please feel free to contact the Kindersley RCMP.