Forms, Permits, and Licenses

Bylaw Related Forms

Business Licence Application.pdf (fillable)

Development and Building Related Forms

Basement Development Checklist.pdf

Building_Permit_Application.pdf (fillable)

Checklist for Deck.pdf

Checklist for Detached Garage.pdf

Development Permit Application with Site Plan.pdf (fillable)

Fence Requirements

Home-Based Occupation Application.pdf (fillable)

Minor Variance Permit Application.pdf (fillable)

Municipal Infrastructure Services Application.pdf (fillable)

Occupancy Permit Application.pdf (fillable)

Preliminary Project Proposal PPP.pdf (fillable)

Sign Permit Application.pdf (fillable)

Temporary Occupancy Permit Application.pdf (fillable)

Zoning Amendment Application.pdf (fillable)

Zoning Compliance Certificate Application.pdf (fillable) *please note, the Real Property Report (issued by any Saskatchewan land surveyor) must be submitted with this application.

Facility Rental and Related Forms

Equipment Rental Agreement

Elks Hall Rental Agreement

West Central Events Centre (WCEC) Rental Agreement

Traffic Related Forms

Overweight or Oversize Vehicle Permit.pdf

Temporary Road or Sidewalk Closure Permit Application.pdf